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We are dedicated to providing a full range of the finest prosthetic and state-of-the-art orthotic devices and services-including replacement limbs and complete orthotics capabilities. Since we are able to service the NJ, NY, and PA areas you can schedule an appointment with our facility for any patient requiring Custom Made Prosthetics & Orthotics including: Custom-Made Braces, Custom-Made Wheelchairs, Custom Orthotics, Custom-Made Shoes and Custom Made Compression Garments. We are certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics, (ABC) and employ ABC certified orthotists and prosthetists, as well as ABC pedorist and certified orthotic fitters that must satisfy all the Board's mandatory continuing education requirements. Our staff is dedicated in receiving ongoing education in the latest technology and keeping on the cutting edge of technology and product developments in the field. We are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of every patient on every level. We work together with patient, physicians and therapists in the hospital, in clinics, in our facility, and even at home in some cases. We take the care and time to explain and educate every aspect of the prosthetic or orthotic process. We answer any questions from patients and their families. Amputation is a life altering procedure. We maintain ongoing communication with clients and therapists. Developing strong relationships is important to us to help patients reach their desired activity level efficiently. We accept Most Insurances, most HMO’s, PPO’s and other private insurances including acccept State Medicaid. If you have insurance and a doctor's order we will be happy to work with your insurance company for reimbursement. Please complete our insurance qualification form to see if you qualify!

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Prosthetic Limb Prosthetic for Upper Extremities
Please contact us for further information regarding pricing and sizing. Please contact us for further information on pricing and sizing.
Pediatric Prosthetics Prosthetic Lower Extremeity Limbs
Please contact us for further information. Please contact us for further information
LIDO2 Cervical System MRI Extended Cervical Orthosis

The LIDO2® Cervical System is a comprehensive cervical immobilization system offering excellent anterior/posterior, mediolateral and rotational control, simple application/removal and maximum patient comfort.

Kydex cervical orthosis, with flesh-colored plastazote liner, extends to thorax for increased support. Excellent for post-halo applications or when soft collars or conventional cervical orthoses are not sufficient to stabilize the cervical spine.
Supra-Lite Cervical Orthosis Custom Newport Shoulder System
Prefabricated from Kydex® and plastazote to limit flexion or extension of cervical spine area. Open design and lightweight for comfort, lined with flesh-colored plastazote. Offers more support than foam collars with open areas for ventilation. The Newport Shoulder System is an effective component in the orthotic treatment program for individuals with upper extremity involvement. This system can be attached to a TLSO or LSO when spinal instability and shoulder dysfunction are present. For less involved patients, the Newport Shoulder suspends from a custom-to- measurement pelvic component. The pelvis supports the weight of the upper extremity, eliminating the need for shoulder suspension straps. The unique shoulder joint controls adduction, abduction, flexion, extension, and rotation of the shoulder and arm.
Custom Prime Elbow Orthoses C3 California Compressor Combo
The Prime Elbow Orthosis is available custom-to-cast or custom-to-measurement. It is effective for post-surgical or traumatic indications where adjustable elbow range of motion and rotational control are required. The standard design features a proximal cap to provide suspension and support the shoulder. Other designs include extended plastic over the olecranon process, and a wrist-hand component for additional rotational control and support. The C3 provides support and pain relief following minimally invasive spine procedures. The C3 can also be used to augment a spinal rehabilitation program or alleviate pain for patients with chronic spinal conditions.
Airback Spinal System California Eco Extension Compression Orthosis
Unique pneumatic posterior bladder spinal system enables precise fitting with prefabricated, custom-to-measurements, and custom-to-cast spinal shells. Reduces pressure on spine and avoids direct contact with the incision site when used post-operatively. Twelve bilateral chambers offers stability and comfort for many lower back pathologies. The latest addition to the California family of spinal orthoses. Developed to comfortably extend the thoracic spine and unweight the wedged vertebral body in order to promote healing and pain relief. Stabilizes the pelvis and lumbar spine to ease pain. Effective for individuals with osteoporosis, vertebral compression fractures, thoracic strains, and debilitating kyphosis.
California Chairback Orthosis California Mid-Profile Orthosis
Designed for comfort and stability. Has a posterior opening which eases pressure over the incision site, provides ventilation, and allows wound inspection without removing the orthosis. Internal plastic panels provide anterior rigidity and help block forward flexion, while the chairback portion discouraes lateral flexion and excessive extension.

The Mid-Profile Orthosis provides stability and control only where it is indicated in order to reduce spinal muscle atrophy and deconditioning.

Cruciform Extension Orthosis California Low Profile Orthosis
This spinal hyperextension orthosis is specifically designed to extend the thoracic spine, prevent forward flexion, and limit rotation. The patented compound closure system provides excellent low back support, additional comfort and adjustable relief.  Effective stabilization allows patients to resume activities of daily living and reduces the tendency for deconditioning secondary to inactivity. The California Low Profile Orthosis is a totally modular spinal system that provides stability and abdominal support without compromising respiration or interfering with activities of daily living. The compound closure system is adjustable for both circumference and waist/hip development.
Walkaide System
Walkaide System
Price: $5,000.00
A sophisticated medical device, which uses advanced sensor technology to analyze the movement of the leg and foot. People who have suffered a stroke, spinal cord injury or disease process associated with disruption of the upper motor neuron system may benefit from this technology.
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