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Your ankle is both strong and flexible, bearing the weight of the entire body. It is an important joint for walking and running and can become injured during even simple activities. The ankle contains many complex fibrous tendons and ligaments. Tendons provide ankle motion adn connect the muscles in the lower leg to the bones of the ankle and foot. Ligaments help stabilize the ankle joint and connect bone to bone.
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Cotton/Elastic Ankle Brace Therall Joint Warming Ankle Support
The Cotton/Elastic Ankle Brace has an all-way stretch which provides increasing flexibility and support. it is comfortable for continuous wear when breathability and moderate support are desired. Ankle support is constructed with four-way stretch material for light compression to counteract swelling. Materia has ceramic fibers that insulate the joint by retaining heat and slowly reflecting it back into the joint and surrounding tissues. Therapeutic heat penetrates deep into the aching joint, muscles and surrounding tissues to provide long-lasting, soothing relief.
Pediatric Neoprene Ankle Support Knit Ankle Support
Knit Ankle Support
Price: $18.95
This ankle support provides compression to the ankle while allowing full range of motion. The neoprene generates body heat, which provides increased warmth to the
ankle thereby helping to increase circulation and decrease pain
Ankle support with unique knit material provides excellent compression and flexibility to weak or injured ankles. Prolite® brand.
C3 POST OP SHOE with MICROBAN Lace-up Canvas Ankle Brace
Designed for wear after soft tissue procedures or post-operative care. Especially useful for geriatric and diabetic patients with insensitive feet. C3 Tri-Laminate upper makes this product cool and comfortable to wear. Microban® treated sole plate for increased control of the growth of certain bacteria, yeast and fungi. Canvas Ankel Brace is designed with Heavy canvas material and with a soft flannel lining
When natural warmth and medium compression are desired. It is comfortable to wear on daily bases. Indicated when greater stabilization of ankle joint is needed. Ideal for after cast removal or for mild/moderate sprains. Made of a breathable canvas material with soft flannel lining. Has metal spring stays for immobilization and added stability.
ProLite Compressive Ankle Support EZ-ON Wrap-Around Ankle Brace
Compressive ankle support with viscoelastic inserts to provide uniform compression around the ligaments and tendons on the medial and lateral sides of the ankle. Ankle support wraps-around in figure eight design for increased stability. EZ-ON® brand.
FlexiLite Sport Articulating Hinged Ankle Brace Maxaar Gel Ankle Guard
Hinged ankle brace provides a secure fit to help prevent and treat ankle injuries. FlexLite® brand. This MAXAR Gel Ankle Guard acts as a preventive device during sports activities to guard against injury or protect weak ankles from re-injury.
PROLITE BI-LATERAL ANKLE BRACE Darco - Medical Surgical Post-Op Shoe
This lightweight lace-up ankle brace provides ankle stability to weak or injured ankles. Ideal for sprains, strains, ankle instability or after cast removal. Made of soft pliable material that molds to the foot and ankle for a tight fit. Darco post-op shoes feature a nylon mesh upper, adjustable closures and a Tricot Foam lining.
Reinforced counters eliminate slipping and lateral motion and a tapered heel permits proper heel strike.
EVA Midsole with 15° declination angle absorbs shock.
The blue shoe has a rounded toe and the black has a square toe.

Available for all ages.
This Ankle Brace provides medial and lateral support to stabilize the ankle joint for faster recovery and healing of tender soft tissues. Ideal brace for mild or moderate sprains, strains, or after cast removal.
FLA Orthopedics GelFoam Ankle Stirrup Brace enhances medial/lateral stability of the ankle joint following sprains, strains or after cast removal.
Ankle Stirrup Brace Darco - Slimline Cast Boot
Ankle Stirrup Brace
Price: $42.95
Ankle brace, stirrup style with air liners, provides a massaging effect while stabilizing the ankle joint for faster recovery. ProLite® brand. The SlimLine® Cast Boot is built around a narrow last so it fits better than the old plaster cast boots, and with a new stretchable upper, a custom fit is possible every time.

Available for all ages.

Price is for one shoe only
Darco - All Purpose Boot Ankle Guard
Ankle Guard
Price: $45.95
The Darco APB features a strapless forefoot closure, a non-skid walking sole, a breathable upper and an ankle strap.

Price is for one shoe only

Lace up ankle brace stabilizes weak ankles and prevents injury during normal or athletic activities. By McDavid

Tendonits-an inflammation or slight tearing of tendons, usually cuased by stress or overuse of the tendons. Pain, swelling, inflammation, and irritation are the most common symptoms. Achilles tendonitis is most common.
Achilles Rupture- Complete tear, rupture or "pop" of the Achilles tendon, usually occurring from overuse or a sudden motion such as junping, climbing stairs or sprinting. Immobilization and surgical repair may be necessary; rehabilitation can take several months.
Sprains- the stretching or tearing of the ligaments in the ankle, usually cased by the inward twisting of the foot. Sprains can range from mild to severe, depending on how badly the ligaments are torn. Complete ligament tears are severe sprains.
Strains- an inflammation of the tendons that connect muscles to the bones and is usually the result of overuse. Pain or swelling typically occurs. If untreated, a strain can develop into tendonitis by the tendons pulling apart.
Plantar Fascitis- Inflammation of the ligament that runs along the bottom of the foot (plantar fascia) and supports the longitudinal arch. Pain begins as a dull pain in the heel or arch and is usually greatest in the morning or after resting.
Contusion- occurs when there is a direct blow to the ankle, causing tenderness, limited range of motion, deep bruising and/or inflammation.

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