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Your wrist is the joint between the two bones of the lower arm (radius and ulna) and the five bones of the hand and is made up of eight carpal bones. The muscles and tendons attached to all these bones allow you to rotate your wrist, as if screwing in a light bulb, and bend and flex your wrist, as if bouncing a basketball. Because of the complexity and frequent use of the wrist joint, injuries are common.
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Therall Joint Warming Wrist Support SAFE-T-WRIST SD WRIST SUPPORT
Joint Warming Wrist Support provides light compression that helps reduces swelling.  This elastic wrist support is latex free and four-way stretch for comfortable support. The Therall Wrist Support contains unique ceramic fibers that retain heat and slowly reflect and therapeutic heat penetrated deep into the aching wrist, muscles and surrounding tissues.
Provides moderate support. Ideal for tasks that require extension, flexion and rotation of the wrist. High quality neoprene absorbs perspiration while providing therapeutic warmth. Hook and loop closure is removable.
Designed for tough, highly repetitive tasks, as well as for use with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Flexible palmar and dorsal stays provide firm support while the contoured palm design allows for full finger dexterity. Durable, comfortable, protection for the hands. GelShield insert redistributes force away from the hands. Constructed of high quality leather with an absorbent terry cloth wipe pad. Flexible, breathable spandex. Hook and loop closure for easy fit. Washable for continued wear.
Microban Wrist Splint ProLite 6"Wrist Splint
Soft, breathable foam for comfort. Microban Anti-Microbial Protection for a Fresher, more hygienic product. Palmar/dorsal stays immobilized and support the wrist, prevent extension and flexion. FLA Orthopedics ProLite 6 Low Profile Wrist Splint provides stabilization to weak or injured wrists in a low-profile 6" design that has less bulk.
Prolite 8" Wrist Splint Soft Fit Suede Finish Wrist Brace
FLA Orthopedics ProLite 8 Low Profile Wrist Splint provides stabilization to weak or injured wrists in a low-profile 8" design that has less bulk. Metal palmar stay is orthopedically designed to hold the wrist in the neutral, cock-up position and prevents flexion. Two metal dorsal stays help prevent extension.
Prolite Wrist Splint w/abducted thumb CANVAS COCK-UP WRIST SPLINT
Immobilizes the wrist and/or thumb. Patented design prevents flexion and extension of the wrist while also protecting the thumb from impact or shock. Made of a durable canvas material with a soft cotton lining. Palmar stay holds the wrist in the cock-up position and is malleable to increase or decrease the degree of cock-up. The lace-up front has two pull-type hook and loop straps for easy one hand closure. Six inch length.
Provides light support to weak or injured wrists. Ideal treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis, mild wrist strains or sprains, and weak or aching wrists. One metal palmar stay maintains the wrist in the neutral position. The base is made of a unique, soft fleece-lined Lycra material. Made of soft foam with a wide palmar and movable dorsal stays. Loop lock closures ensure proper fit and easy application. Extremely low profile, ultra thin, breathable foam with smooth lycra lining.
A lightweight wrist support designed to maintain the wrist in a neutral position while allowing full finger dexterity. The molded portion of the support prevents the wrist from dropping and prevents excess thumb and little finger opposition. Controlling these motions will prevent excess flexion of the wrist and finger flexor tendons, thus avoiding overuse. Durable lightweight knitted elastic provides support with flexibility. Seamless construction will not irritate skin. Easy slip on style. Color: Beige. Measure around center of wrist.
Supports and limits the motion of the thumb joints. Also comfortably supports the wrist and prevents rotation. Ideal for DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis, tendinitis, arthritis and sports injuries. Made of a unique C3� Tri-Laminate material making it cool and comfortable to wear. The supple C3� material allows for changes in the amount of swelling. The Grip Splint WHFO (Wrist Hand Finger Orthosis) maintains a neutral position of the hand to reduce wrist flexion and increase extension of the fingers, preventing finger flexion and damage to the palmar skin. The durable plastic base stabilizes the wrist and retains its shape even after continuous, extended use. Soft foam cover gives padding to the wrist and hand for comfort.
Arthritis- A disease that slowly destroys the cushioning cartilage surrounding a joint, causing inflammation, pain stiffening as bones rub against one another. Osteoarthritis or Degenerative Joint Disease is advanced arthritis that begins to break down the bones of the joint.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- A painful condition caused by overuse or repetitive bending and flexing of the hand and wrist. This causes the tendons and the tendon sheaths (which protect the tendons) to become swollen. The swollen tendons place pressure on the median nerve, often resulting in numbness.
Strains-When tendons (which connect muscle to bone) become inflamed, often because of repetitive or overuse. If untreated, the tendons can tear away from the muscle, leading to tendonitis.
Tendonitis- A strained, inflamed or slight tear of the tendons from the muscle, commonly due to overuse. Symptoms include tenderness, nagging pain and mild swelling.
Sprains- When a sudden forceful twist around the wrist joint, resulting in pain, swelling and bruising. The degree of sprain can range from mild (slight stretching) to severe (complete tearing)
Fracture- the breaking of a bone due to excessive force placed on it. This can range from a simple crack in the bone to multiple breaks. The most common wrist fracture, the Colles' fracture, usually occurs when the hand is used to break a fall.
After Cast Removal- Often, after cast removal, additional wrist stabilization is necesary during the healing and physical therapy process, especially if the wrist and/or hand is severely weakened.
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