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Custom Orthotics
Orthosis or inserts. An orthosis is a removable insole which provides pressure relief and shock absorption. Both pre-made and custom-made orthosis or inserts are commonly prescribed for patients with diabetes, including a special "total contact orthosis," which is made from a model of your foot and offers a high level of comfort and pressure relief. Custom made shoes. When extremely severe deformities can usually be accommodated. Taking good care of your feet means making sure you have the right footwear can help prevent serious foot problems. Be sure to talk to your physician about the type of shoes, modifications and orthosis that are right for you.

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Custom Diabetic Orthotics Mt. Emey Multi-Density Diabetic Inserts
Orthofeet custom inserts are fabricated by the most advanced computerized system, with arch filler and forefoot accomodations, for superior support and protection. For diabetics only, multiple density insert direct formed, molded to foot after external heat source of about 230 degree farenheit or higher, total contact with foot, including arch.
Sportmax Cork Sportmax EVA
Excellent for sports and long time standing. Good choice for sensitive feet. top cover options: padded soft green color. fabric; plastazote, real leather, or PVC. Medicare approved. Custom- Multi-density EVA base layer. Excellentfor sports and long time standing. Maximum support and control. modifications such as metatarsal pad/bar and excavations are free of charge. toe fillers are available for an additional charge. Hoopoe.
SemiRigid Rigid X
Semi rigid plypropylene shell. Wide range of available cover materials. control and flexibility. Hoopoe Custom-made functional orthotics. Maximum control with extra durability. Extra rigid polypropylene shell. Wide range of available cover materials. (plastazote, neoprene padded fabric, real leather, PVC. Maximum Control.
Diabetic Prefabricated Orthotic Diabetic Pre-Fabricated Dress
Multi-density orthotics for comfort and protection of the diabetic foot. The tope layer is 1/8" self-conforming flash, low density, closed cell EVA  and the base layer is 3/16" self-conforming blue, high density, closed cell EVA. Multi-density orthotics for comfort and protection of the diabetic foot. The top layer is 1/8" self-conforming flash, low density, closed cell EVA and the base layer is 1/8" self-conforming blue, high density, closed cell EVA. Thinner EVA layers for dress hoe compatibility.
TACCO 3/4" Arch Support Soft Point Silicone Heel Pads
Imported from Germany, this length arch support fits nicely into most footwear. Is is covered in genuine top grain leather to provide comfort and natural perspiration absorption. The base internal support is constructed from a strong, thin and lightweight polymer. It is designed to support the natural curves of the foot. Make all your shoes Euro-comfort with this support. Made of medical grade silicone for long lasting support and comfort. Silicone gives optimal absorption of the shock generated from everyday and high-impact heel strike.
TACCO Deluxe Full Length Leather Orthotic SOFT POINT VISCOLAS HEEL PADS
Semi-Rigid arch support with metatarsal pad. Fully cushioned latex bottom with active carbon plus antibacterial properties to keep you feet smelling fresh! Made of the original Viscolas viscoelastic polymer for superior cushioning and shock dissipation. The low profile heel pad is ideal for most shoe types. It is extremely easy and comfortable to wear.
Made of the original Viscolas viscoelastic polymer for superior cushioning and shock dissipation. Full Insoles have a thin, low profile that is ideal for a wide variety of shoe types and styles. Slim toe area for a comfortable, non-binding fit. Extra padding at the heel for increased shock absorption. Nnaturally tacky surface keeps the pad in place. Made of a cork/EVA material to form the lightweight base, these cork orthotics absorb shock and mold to the shape of the foot. Firm but flexible cork material supports the arch and cushions the foot. High side rims allow for full contact with the arch, stabilize the feet and prevent the ankles from rolling inward.
Made of the original Viscolas viscoelastic polymer for superior cushioning and shock dissipation. The Heel Spur Cushions have a removable plug to create a cavity beneath the area of greatest discomfort. Also has extra cushioning on the medial side of the plantar fascia for additional relief. Made of a flexible, semi-rigid polypropylene base, these orthotics are strong enough to provide solid foot support and stability, yet have a unique spring action that flexes with each step to continuously support the arch.
Diabetic Comfort Insoles PediFix Sensitive Feet Insole
Specifically designed for individuals with diabetes or arthritic conditions. Comfort and Protection conforms to your feet absorbs shock Doctor-Recommended for people with: Foot Pain, Arthritis, and Diabetes. 2 Clinically-proven foam layers for extra cushioning.
Alps Insoles BioFit Sport
Alps Insoles
Price: $35.95
BioFit Sport
Price: $40.00
Tri-Laminated with rigid material located between two layers of foam. The op layer of foam is perforated to evenly distribute pressure, while the bottom layer is high in density to provide added support Four-layer construction
In May of 1993, Medicare's Therapeutic Shoes for Persons with Diabetes Benefit took effect. The Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill (TSB) provides reimbursement for depth shoes and multi density inserts to qualifying patients with diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, there are over 20 million Americans with diabetes and this number continues to grow. Twenty-five percent of persons with diabetes develop foot problems and each year more than 86,000 amputations are preformed as a direct result of diabetes. Recognizing this problem, Congress approved the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill, helping thousands of persons with diabetes obtain protective footwear and inserts at little or no cost to them.
Persons with the diagnosis of diabetes (ICD-9 Code 250.00-250.09) - whether insulin dependent or not - are eligible for shoes and inserts. Diabetes controlled by diet does not qualify for this benefit.
Our Service Program
-Free In-home or Nursing facility assessments.
-Each person is individually assessed, measured and fitted.
-Upon delivery, 3 pairs of multi-density inserts are heat molded and labeled with the date they should be replaced.
-Shoes may be available to be fitted the same day of the initial assessment. However, if shoes need to be ordered, delivery is 5-10 business days.
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